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Adventurer Clubs across the North American Division are doing things to make a difference for their churches and communities.

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Little Lambs and Eager Beavers "Goes Viral" to International Divisions


Up until 2016, Little Lamb and Eager Beavers was only available in the North American Division.  However, based on  recent GC Youth Ministries Global Youth Directors vote, it is going global!  Pray for the leadership team as they work to make the requirements and information global in scope and sequence!  Yes, your hard work and ministry excellence has allowed this curricula to "go viral."  Thank you for your leadership!

Here is the news note from GC Youth Ministries (P1 - July 2016)


During our quinquennium advisory on global youth ministry, the advisory members carried a vote to officially add the Little Lamb and Eager Beaver levels to the Adventurers ministry, bringing the total number of levels to six. Streamlining the ministry in this way means the official ages for the Adventurer ministry are now 4-9 years old. Having six levels also required changing the previous Adventurer logo, since it incorporated within it the respective logos for four Adventurer classes. We will soon be pleased to release to the public the image files of the new logo, a more in-depth explanation as to the reasons behind the changes and what they mean for the local church. Please follow our social media accounts to receive notification when the new resources being created by our department are available to share worldwide. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email our department at .

NEW Adventurer Logo Download

The New NAD Adventurer Logo is now available as a hi-resolution download.

The new logo is:


Area Induction Builds Relationships


Seven Adventurer clubs from the Washington, DC Metro area (Allegheny East Conference) came together for an area-wide Induction service on Sunday, October 14. The clubs were a fine sight as they marched into the sanctuary behind their respective banners in full Class A uniform.

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Florida Super Fun Day a Fun Witness to Space Coast Fairground Attendees

For the last 10 years Florida Adventurers have bi-annually held their Super Fun Day during the Space Coast State Fair, right at the fairgrounds. The fair manager, Giles Malone, even calls toFlorida Super Fun Day with Abraham Lincoln see if it is the year we will be coming. He gives us space within the fair grounds to hold our event, charging us only for the fair tickets to attend the fair after Super Fun Day ends in the afternoon. He even allows us to have our own food booths and to have a parade through the fair grounds once the general public start arriving. We have gotten to wittiness too many with both of these. Often the fair personnel have asked about the vegetarian hot dog and hamburger choices available at our Adventurer booths. During the parade the Adventurer Clubs pull wagon floats they have made to illustrate the theme. This, along with 1000+ people walking through the fair handing our Adventurer brochures has many coming up to us later asking about the Ministry.

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