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What About Adventurers?

Editorial Note:  The following article first appeared on but has many points also applicable to Adventurer ministry, so we are sharing it here as well.


It seems that every August and parts of September, our churches start anew with a bundle of activities. Summer is over and school is starting. Brand new dreams, brand new ideas for the year and it seems that in the church, children’s and youth ministries start anew also. With all that activity going on, parents seem overwhelmed as to what to choose for their children. There are many plans for activities and in those activities you have Club ministries: Adventurers, Pathfinders and Master Guides! 

Many of you know about two of these ministries, which are targeted towards children and youth from ages 4 through high school. Master Guide ministry is recently nascent in North America, but is growing. These ministries are a staple in many churches and some churches exist because of the life that these ministries bring into them. Yes, they bring life into the church…let me explain: 

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Adventurer Clubs across the North American Division are doing things to make a difference for their churches and communities.

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