Spring Planters Craft Idea

Contributed by: Lisa Gary, NAD Adventurer Coordinator

PlanterBrad and I went to an Earth Day event this year - one of the crafts we did (yes we went to the kids area - always do, that's where the fun stuff is!) was homemade planters that are really cute!



Items needed:

  • Clear plastic bottle with screw on lid - heavy plastic - like Powerade, Gatorade, Honest Tea, etc
  • potting soil
  • seeds
  • cotton string
  • water
  • small saw or razor knife to cut bottle


Cut piece of cotton string about 2 times the length of the plastic bottle Cut approx. bottom 2/3 off the plastic bottle - ADULTS ONLY - Be sure cut areas are smooth Unscrew lid and thread cotton string down through neck of the bottle leaving about 2" hanging out of the cut top.

Loosely screw lid back on holding string in place Invert bottle top into bottom of bottle The Adventurers can use stickers or markers to decorate the bottle before planting - or keep the top part clear so they can see the seeds growing (the ones placed near the sides of the bottle).

Fill with potting soil allowing end of string to some out over the edge of the bottle Plant seeds (amount will vary according to seed chosen) Remove inverted bottle top and fill bottom part of bottle about 1/2 way up with water Put string down into the water and replace inverted bottle into the part with the water.


To help your seeds get started sprinkle potting soil with a little extra water. Your planter is now self watering - be sure to add water to bottom bottle as needed.


This craft can be used for:Planter Idea

Little Lambs- Healthy Foods (grown their own herbs) 
(it's a stretch) Eager Beaver - God's World - taking care of God's World

Adventurer Awards - 

Busy Bee - Flowers (not a requirement, but would be fun to grow some)

Sunbeam - Gardener

Sunbeam - Seed - requirement #3