Eager Beaver K

Jesus' Special Supper


Grades K

Originated 2017


  1.  Tell the story of the Last Supper.
  2. Explain why Jesus washed the disciples’ feet as a servant.
  3. Explain what the bread and the juice represents.
  4. What happened at the end of the special supper?
  5. Have a prayer thanking Jesus for HIS love.
  6. Make a craft to illustrate the Last Supper.





1. Mark Chapter 14 and Luke 22:17-20 - Try to impress on the children that Jesus knew this was the last time they would be together before He died so He wanted to make a Special Supper for them. Bring in some sandals or flip flops and discuss why feet need to be washed. 

You may want to let the children walk in some dirt or mud and share with them that most of the roads in Jesus’s day were not paved and would be dirt or mud.

2. Matthew 20:16 - Explain that we are to wash each other’s feet to show we are humble and no better than anyone else. Try to impress on the children that we should be a servant like Jesus was.

3. Bread represents Jesus’s body and the grape juice represents His blood.

4. Read Matthew 26:30 and sing a hymn.

5. Use Google or Pinterest “Last supper craft” for ideas.