Created 2016

  1. Read and discuss Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.
  2. Illustrate Ecclesiastes 3:11.
  3. Identify the time of year for the seasons in your area.
  4. How do you prepare for each season: clothing, gardening, harvesting, activities, school, etc.
  5. Play a game related to the seasons.



2.  Suggestions: collage, sidewalk chalk drawing, drawing, charades, poster, etc.

3.   Your area may have the four distinct seasons, while other areas may have only two.

4.  Discuss proper clothing, types of flowers/plants, andactivities appropriate for eachseason.

5.  Memory games, sortinggames (clothing for seasons), Harvest the Carrot (simplified Capture the Flag)


Resources (note:  all online resources were available when this award was published in 2016.  However, sites and resources change.  Please feel free to use online search tools to find new and relevant resources.)