Puzzle Patch Set



 Little Lamb Puzzle Patches

  • Start with giving the Lamb Circle Patch at induction and give each puzzle piece as the requirements are met. 
  • The puzzle piece is awarded for completing "I. Complete three of the following" for each of the four sections - My God, My Self, My Family, and My World.

The puzzle pieces are curricular rather than individual awards - see the requirements program for details (teacher's guide). Available from AdventSource.

Catalog #009200


Wiki Teacher Helps - https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Adventist_Adventurer_Awards#Little_Lamb_Stars  

Note:  There are tons of teaching tips and ideas that are part of the Little Lamb Program Guide.

The Little Lamb Leaders' Program is available from AdventSource:

The Little Lamb Activity Book is available from AdventSource: