Parables of Jesus

Parables of Jesus Adventurer Award

Grade:  Multi-grade


1. Read and discuss Matthew 13:44.

2. What is a parable? Why and how did Jesus use parables?

3. Name and learn the meaning of a parable Jesus told from each of the 4 gospels.

4. Make a craft or diorama depicting a parable.

5. Participate in a physical game or outdoor activity depicting one of the parables of Jesus.

6. Make “Get Well” or “Thinking of You” cards for outreach. Read Luke 10:25-37.



1. Encourage the children to share what they think the verse means.

2.A parable is a word picture that uses words to illustrate a truth or lesson.  Parables have a double meaning. 

3.Use a child friendly version.

4.Search internet using “diorama” or “parable crafts.”

5.Such as Lost Lamb: a staff helps hide a child in a designaged area. Then the other children find the “lost child.” Place small items and rice in a jar. Children look for the “lost” items.

6.Read verses as children are making their cards.