Grades 3-4 (Builder/Helping Hand)

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1. Listen to a brief history of snowshoeing.

a. Where were shoeshoes used?

b. Why were shoeshoes needed?

c. What animals inspired the design of the snowshoe?

d. What type of snowshoe was/is used in your area?

2. What materials were used to make the first snowshoes? How were they made?

3. Describe safe places to go snowshoeing.

4. Describe dangerous places to snowshoeing.

5. Describe what you should wear on a snowshoe hike.

6. Demonstrate how to do the following:

a. Safely carry your snowshoes.

b. Put on your snowshoes.

c. Fasten up you snowshoes

7. Discuss how 1Cor 6:19-20 and Isaiah 40:29-31 relate to physical fitness.

8. Play a snowshoe game. Such as: Scavenger Hunt, Snowshoe spelling, Animal tracking, Snowbowling.

9. Go on at least a 1 mile snowshoe hike with your family or club.



1. Research for your local history.

2. First snowshoes were carved from birch or hard ash that was soaked or steamed to become pliable and then constructed using stretched animal skin and rawhide. The shape, size and

materials varied with the trees, animals, snow conditions, and terrain within a particular region.

3. Hiking trails, areas known to the adult who is leading the hike, designated areas, or ski resorts.

4. Unknown trails, steep hillsides with loose snow, areas with lots of freezing and thawing, snow covered lake or streams, or off trail.

5. BASE LAYER: Wool or synthetic socks, synthetic undergarments, mid-weight long underwear top & bottom,; INSULATION LAYER: Fleece jacket or wool sweater, fleece pants; OUTER

LAYER: Waterproof/breathable shell jacket and pants, insulated waterproof boots; ALSO: Hat, gloves, scarf, headband, sunscreen, whistle, First Aid Kit, Water.

6. a. Carry them together with the crampons (metal teeth) facing together.

b. Put the toe of your boot in first, wiggle it al the way to the front of the boot tray.

c. Fit the rear binding around the back heal of your boot, buckle the binding tightly.

7. Your body needs exercise, need to be physically fit.

8. Additional games are available online.

9. Notice nature as you hike.



To understand the purpose and practice snowshoeing.

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