Club Uniform

The uniform makes the organization real and visible. It becomes emblematic and representative of an ideal, a standard. One of the ways to set up a standard and bring the members of an organization up to that standard is through the uniform. It should stimulate loyalty toward that standard by building morale and binding members into closer fellowship. It also appeals to those not already members to join. The uniform becomes a builder of club spirit.

boy-shirtThe uniform is always neat and clean. Because the Adventurer Club program is valuable to each member, the uniform will be acquired and worn with enthusiasm.

Uniform Should be worn
Uniforms should be worn on the following occasions:

  • At regular Adventurer meetings, when applicable
  • At special programs (Adventurer Day, Induction, Investiture, etc.)
  • At Investiture services
  • At any public gathering when any or all act as:
    Guards of honor
    Color guards
    First-aid volunteers
  • While engaging in missionary activities, such as Ingathering, distributing food baskets, bouquets, literature, or church announcements, band work, such as singing bands and sunshine bands
  • girl-uniformOn occasions as specified by Adventurer staff officers


Types of Uniforms

  1. The dress uniform for the Adventurer
    boy and girl


    Navy blue pleated jumper
    Light blue blouse (Peter Pan collar shirt-type blouse with short sleeves)
    Optional: white blouse

    Navy blue pants
    Light blue shirt (straight shirt with short sleeves and regular collar)
    Optional: white shirt

    Black shoes: uniform within club
    Navy blue socks: uniform within club

    Adventurer scarf is part of the uniform worn with an Adventurer slide

    The sash is navy blue and part of the uniform

  2. The dress uniform for Adventurer staff

    Navy blue skirt
    White blouse (shirt type blouse
    with short or long sleeves and
    regular collar)
    Navy blue tie
    Optional: White shirt, Light blue tie

    Navy blue slacks
    White collared shirt with short or long sleeves
    Navy blue tie
    Optional: White shirt, Light blue tie

    Black shoes: Uniform within club
    Black belt: Uniform within club

    The Adventurer scarf is part of the uniform and worn with an Adventurer slide. (Available in child or adult size.)
    Staff members who are Master Guides may wear their Master Guide scarf, slide, and pin.

    Sash is navy blue and worn at appropriate times. AY honors are not to be worn on the Adventurer sash; only Adventurer awards are to be worn on sash.

  3. Uniform Insignias

    - Adventurer Patch -- On right sleeve, 2 1/2" from shoulder
    - Adventurer World -- On left sleeve, 1 1/2" from shoulder
    - Crescent -- On right sleeve above Adventurer patch, 1/2" from shoulder
    - Staff Rank Stripe -- On right sleeve, between Crescent and Adventurer Patch.  This will require moving the Adventurer Patch down and additional inch.
    -Adventurer Class Pins -- On left front pocket placed in ascending order with lowest pin towards center of shirt.
    -Master Guide Class Stripe -- Above pocket ONLY for Master Guide.  Other class stripes (staff) belong only on Pathfinder uniform
    -Name badge -- Centered over the right pocket, or its equivalent on the Adventurer sash

  4. - Adventurer awards Worn on the sash
    (Master Guide emblem can be worn on the sash.)
  5. Field uniform for the Adventurers and staff is a T-shirt and blue jeans. Each club can create its own design for field uniform T-shirt and sweatshirts. A few suggestions for designs on T-shirts are:
    a. Adventurer logo
    b. Local club name
    c. Adventurer and local club logo

Order these items from:
AdventSource 5040 Prescott Avenue Lincoln, NE 68506


Adventurer Supplies:

Uniform Patches and Pins
2900 Uniform Patch
2910 World Patch
2930 Membership Pin
2940 Director Sleeve Strip
2945 Associate Director Sleeve Strip
2950 Counselor Sleeve Strip
2955 Instructor Sleeve Strip
2920 Club Name Crest (blank)
2965 Adv. Logo Bullion Emblem

Scarf and Award Sash
3752 Burgundy Scarf and Slide (child size)
3753 Burgundy Scarf and Slide (adult size)
2205 Slide only
3750 Burgundy Child Scarf only
3751 Burgundy Adult Scarf only
3711 Award Sash - Small (211/2 inches)
3712 Award Sash - Medium- (241/2 inches)
3113 Award Sash - Large (28 inches)

Staff Unforms
3970 Men’s Dress Uniform
(blazer and slacks)
3977 Women’s Dress Uniform
(blazer and skirt)

Curriculum Manual and Record Cards
1049 Adventurer Club Manual -
Complete with binder
1045 Adventurer Club Manual only
1505 Adventurer Award Poster
1124 Busy Bee Record Card
1126 Sunbeam Record Card
1125 Builder Record Card
1127 Helping Hand Record Card

Activity Book
1212 Busy Bee Activity Book
1213 Sunbeam Activity Book
1215 Builder Activity Book
1214 Helping Hand Activity Book

Parent Manuals
1225 Busy Bee Parent Manual
1226 Sunbeam Parent Manual
1227 Builder Parent Manual
1228 Helping Hand Parent Manual

Brochures and Bulletin Covers
1175 English Adventurer Brochure
1191 Spanich Adventurer Brochure
1193 French Adventurer Brochure
1197 Bulletin Cover

Flags and Banners
0080 Outdoor Nylon Flag 3' X 5'
0085 Indoor and Parade Flag
with Gold Fringe 3' X 5'
0086 Pledge and Law Banner set

Order these items from:
5040 Prescott
Lincoln, NE 68506
Phone: 1-800-328-0525 1-402-486-2519
Fax: 1-402-486-2572

Other companies that specialize in Adventurer Club Uniform supplies:

Florida Gulf Coast Signs (Name Tags)

P.O. Box 295
Mango, FL 33550
Phone: 813-689-1666

Alex’s Engraving (Name Tags)
342 Canyon View Drive
Calamesa, CA 92320
Phone: 909-795-6013
Fax: 909-795-8585

Pathfinder Names (Club Name Crescents and Rectangle Sleeve Strips)
P.O. Box 2738
Longview WA 98632
Phone: 360-414-9484