NADYM Adventurer Camping Policy

North American Division Guidelines for Adventurer Family Camping

MARCH 2013

As stated in the introduction of the NAD Adventurer Club Manual on page XI, the purpose of the program is to assist parents as they strengthen their relationship with their children in spiritual growth and development.


When it comes to camping, we must be careful to not confuse Adventurer ministry with that of Pathfinders.  The main difference is that the Pathfinder program does not require parental participation. 



The only allowance stated in the Adventurer Manual for a camping experience is earning the Adventurer Camper Award (Page 

251). Requirements #1 and 2 make it very clear that the parent(s) is the one teaching the camp award to her/his child(ren).


Given the fact that several of our conferences are engaging camping with Adventurers, in order to protect the children and staff we are implementing the following guidelines to be adhered to:

  1. In the event of an Adventurer Family Camping experience, a parent or legal guardian MUST accompany their own child(ren) at all times. No exceptions.
    ote: This guideline makes a provision for Adventurers to camp, but only with their parent(s) or legal guardian.
  2.  Parents or legal guardians are not permitted to grant permission to Adventurer Staff to take their minor children overnight camping under no circumstances. No Exceptions.
  3. Adventurer Staff are not permitted to accept permission or release forms from a parent or legal guardian to take their minor child(ren) camping overnight. No exceptions.
  4. Adventurer Staff is prohibited from sleeping with children that are not their own. No exceptions.
  5. Adventurers are not permitted to sleep in tents or cabins unsupervised.  Neither are they permitted to sleep with another child, except they are siblings and the parent(s) is present. No exceptions.
  6. Each union and conference has the responsibility of introducing, implementing, and managing these guidelines to there constituents. 


We trust that these guidelines will increase safety for our Adventurer children and their parents as well as reduce the liability for the Adventurer Staff.




James L. Black, Sr.
NAD Adventurer Ministry Director


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