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  1. Read and discuss Genesis 1:11-12, 29-30 and Ecclesiastes 3:2.
  2. What are the nutritional benefits of potatoes?
  3. The potato is the official food or vegetable of which states?
  4. How do potatoes grow? What are the best growing conditions?
  5. What are the different varieties of potatoes? Which varieties are available in your area?
  6. When and how are potatoes harvested?
  7. Do one of the following and share your experience:
    a.  Plant a potato and watch it grow
    b.  Help someone harvest potatoes.



2.  They are high in potassium and vitamin C. You can also search the internet for the nutritional value of potatoes in your area.

3.   Idaho – State Food: Potatoes.  Louisiana – State Vegetable: Sweet Potato. New Hampshire – State Vegetable: White Potato. North Carolina: State Vegetable: Sweet Potato.

4.   Potatoes are a tuber. They grow underground. Research the best growing conditions in your area.

5.  Russet, Red, White, Yellow, Purple/Blue, Fingerling, Petite, Sweet, Yams.

6.  The potatoes are harvested when the plant/vine dies or before the first hard frost. Potatoes are harvested by hand or with machines.

7.  Search on internet on how to grow a potato at home. Check your area to see if there is an opportunity to help a farmer harvest potatoes

Resources: (note:  all online resources were available when this award was published in 2016.  However, sites and resources change.  Please feel free to use online search tools to find new and relevant resources.)





While the russet is the most well-known potato grown in Idaho, more than 25 other potato varieties are grown in Idaho including:  Yukon Golds, Reds and Fingerlings.

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