Candles in Adventurer Programs?

Especially during Induction and Investiture, clubs around the North American Division often use candles to signify the "Spirit of Pathfinders" or "Spirit of Adventurers," the class levels (Adventurers / Pathfinders), and even to represent each of the new inductees into the club ministry.

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Club Uniform

The uniform makes the Adventurer Club real to its members, especially the children.  The uniform becomes an emblem of a standard, builds loyalty to the cub, and brings members into a sense of community.  The uniform should always be neat, clean, and worn with pride.

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Steps for Successfully Starting a Club

Steps for Successfully Starting a Club

Step One
Counsel with the conference Adventurer Specialist or Children's Ministries Director. That individual is responsible for guiding all clubs in the conference.

Step Two
Present the plan to the church board. plans should be submitted to the church board by a local church member for authorization to organize an Adventurer Club, and the conference Adventurer specialist should be invited. It is

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Submitting a New Award


Those wishing to submit a proposal for a new NAD Adventurer Award must follow the steps listed below:

Here are the steps:

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