Steps for Successfully Starting a Club

Steps for Successfully Starting a Club

Step One
Counsel with the conference Adventurer Specialist or Children's Ministries Director. That individual is responsible for guiding all clubs in the conference.

Step Two
Present the plan to the church board. plans should be submitted to the church board by a local church member for authorization to organize an Adventurer Club, and the conference Adventurer specialist should be invited. It is

important that parents of Adventurer-age children support the plan to organize a club.

Step Three
Inform the congregation during the worship service. A conference Adventurer person qualified by experience to speak in behalf of the Adventurer Club and the needs of children should make a presentation to the entire church preferably during the worship hour.

Step Four
Call a special organizational meeting. Invite all Master Guides, parents in the appropriate Sabbath School divisions, and others interested in working with children. An appeal should be made for volunteers to help in the Adventurer Club, and an informal questionnaire could be circulated.

Step Five
Teach the basics of Adventuring. Request that the conference Adventurer specialist teach a staff training course to all club leadership personnel.

Step Six
Elect director and associate directors. The church board should become familiar with those who are best qualified to lead out in the Adventurer Club and recommend to the church the club officers as needed: director, associate directors, and counselors.

Step Seven
The Adventurer Club Executive Committee. The group sets major policies for the operation, goals, and objectives of the club, and selects counselors and instructors. Membership should include the Adventurer Club leadership, pastor, Primary Sabbath School leader, church school teacher(s), and an Adventurer mother and father. The Adventurer director is chairperson.