Adventist Resources

Seventh-day Adventist Church Resources

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Adventurer uniforms, manuals, and accessories are available through AdventSource (800-328-0525)

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Club Websites

Does your Adventurer Club or Conference have a website? Let us know and we will place your link here!

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Conference Directors

The following is a listing of Adventurer contact people for each region in the North American Division. If you are aware of any corrections that should be made to this listing, please contact us by phone or e-mail

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Union Directors & Representatives

Union Representatives --

Atlantic Union 
Faye Hougaz, Brownfield, MA
Geneveve Testamark, Bronx, NY

Canadian Union
Velma Morgan, Ajax, ON

Columbia Union 
Doris Klopping, Newton, NJ

Lake Union 
Terry Dodge, Lansing, MI
Diane Baker, Niles, MI

Mid America Union
Carla Wakefield, Englewood, CO

North Pacific
Elizabeth Lake, Gold Bar, WA

Ruth Walker, Loma Linda, CA
Bob Wong, Glendale, CA

Beatrice Hill, Lawley, AL
Ernestine Lockett, Augusta, GA
Lisa Gary, Melbourne, FL

Joyce Fortner, Little Rock, AR