New Logo Purpose

Why the New Adventurer Logo?

The New Adventurer logo was adopted in 2015, but there are still many working to transition, and at the same time asking "why?"  The new logo was voted as a needed upgrade to meet the breadth and coverage and needs of Adventurers in the current era.

The old NAD Adventurer patch only represented the 4 classes that had originally made up the Adventurer Club - Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder and Helping Hands. When Little Lambs and Eager Beavers were first voted in they were pre-club classes so the patch was not changed right away. However, once Little Lamb and Eager Beavers were officially recognized as classes within the Adventurer Club Ministry it was felt that the old patch no longer represented the Club correctly.

Much discussion was held on a new patch, including asking for patch designs from everyone in the NAD (we received about 30-50 ideas). It was also decided that class insignia would not be included - the same way no class identification is included on the Pathfinder emblem.  That way, if further curricular changes are needed in the future, the logo design can remain (or be edited) but going forward, it is not tied to the curricula.

The committee wanted the patch to be as simple as possible, yet telling our main missions - Bible based, family oriented, centered on Jesus.

We all know change is hard on everyone - each of us has had to change our uniforms, equipment, etc. too. But it was felt that this was a step forward in the ministry of the Club to be more inclusive.


The meaning of the new logo:

New Adventurer Logo explanation